About Me

Resident Proofreader Jennie McDonald

What I’ve learned about proofreading: it requires patience, persistence, and focus. The focal point in my business name could be drawing your attention to things you might have missed or adding a point of punctuation. It’s also my commitment to you: I make a point to be focused and do excellent quality work.

Proofreading and editing other people’s works feels intuitive and natural to me. When working at nonprofit organizations, I always enjoyed proofreading the monthly newsletters before sending them out. I am often my friends’ go-to for proofreading and editing needs. One day, I had the thought that I could make this part of how I make a living. I’m so excited to be at that point now!

Find out more about my employment history on my LinkedIn page here.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College in Women’s Studies. I’ve always loved words, and reading and writing continue to be two of my favorite hobbies. In addition, I make jewelry and art, and I teach a form of dance fitness called Nia.